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Writing my own blog has been a very valuable experience especially within the community of WordPress. I’ve loved talking to like minded people and sharing similar interest. Whether that be: travel, fashion, positive thinking. It has been awesome! And I guess I’d like to say thank you.

However I wanted a change. I have proved that I can keep writing a part of my daily life (something you have to keep focused on), but I wanted to direct it more in line with future careers and passions.

I’m currently a fashion student. Yet I’m still looking for that spark inside that says ‘Yes, I want to be going this as a career’. I have yet to find something I love doing day to day. Something that I’m so passionate about that it makes me work day and night. I am a motivated person, always looking for challenges and wanting to better myself. However this is harder than it seems when you have no path to direct your career ambitions and aspirations.

Ever the optimist, I am constantly looking for things that interest me… have a go, see what it’s like. What do I have to loose? I still have a year left at University, so I’m not going far!

So tying this all together, I have started my own online magazine – Another Side Magazine

Currently it is just operating as a ‘Fashion magazine‘ providing different stories of fashion. Giving you trend updates, controversial issues, new designers and just your essential fashion fix!

However future ambitions of the website will be more of a ‘creative‘ magazine. Somewhere that people can go to find stories in creative industries including; music, interior design, photography, art etc.

I am very excited about this new project and I’m loving the new experience.

This post is not just to let you know that I’ve started a new adventure – but also to see if you’d like to join me?

I’m looking for any writers that are interested in writing about creative industries. Whether your passion is films to literature. There is an opportunity for you at Another Side Magazine.

I’d love for my magazine to be a community of creativity – so if you would like to join the Another Side Magazine team please e-mail me at

I’d love to get your feedback on the magazine as it stands?


Come and get involved!


As summer begins to peek it’s head around the corner it leaves us all dreaming of life in the Hamptons; Pimm’s at the beach, lunches with house salads and endless evenings dinning with friends watching the sun set. Summer really does feel like the good half of the year.

With these event invitations it’s only fitting your wardrobe is ready, even you gentlemen. Summer is a chance for you to drop your shoulders, looking smart and relaxed in your fresh suits.

I’ve had a sneaky peek of the new Summer Collection 2014 by Paul Fredrick. It’s definitely the place to revitalise your summer wardrobe with timeless classic shapes teamed with soft colours and lightweight shirts. This summer’s collection brings you effortless style.

We know how you guys like to keep things nice and easy, so Paul Fredrick has made it very simple. Their classic shirts allow you to remain smart yet the refreshing washes of pastels tones combined with statement patterns create a stylish addition to your wardrobe.

Get a hint of Southern American style with this gorgeous grey and white striped suit. I really do love this look, keeping it young with the pink and white floral tie.

Paul Fredrick, Menswear, Summer Collection


This versatile collection blurs the lines between formal and casual: Sharpening you casual wear with statement patterns yet adding some fresh summer hues to your work wear.




The great thing about this collection is that it can be adapted to suit your style. For you fashionistadudes these pastel tones can be made edgy and roughened up. Take Nick Wooster – he has combined smart pastels yet developed the outfit with statement accessories and shoes to add his own unique twist.

Nick Wooster, Menswear, fashion

I feel Paul Fredrick has encapsulated this seasons trends whilst offering timeless pieces that can be suited to many styles.

For more pieces from the collection see the Paul Fredrick lookbook 

After receiving a request from a male reader, to write a post for the ‘older, more rounded’ customer I thought about how in today’s fashion media and communication there aren’t very many visual aids to help customers above a certain age and body type. 

All fashion looks and trends are very must suited to the younger customer, all of which have that perfect bikini ready body. So I thought it would be good to do a little guide – if you do happen to be one of these guys who find it difficult to know what to buy.

The older generation you need to be looking out for the following:

– Clean lines

– Tonal outfits (monochrome, blue/navy)

– Isolating patterns (if you do want to add your own twist)

TAILORING, literally can take years and pounds off you. I can’t stress enough the importance of tailoring. You can use it not just for smart wear.
For example: a grey casual jacket, with a plain blue t-shirt, maybe a darker blue cardigan underneath and smart trousers can be worn almost everywhere.
If you think about it, buying simple items (t-shirts/shirts) matched with a well tailored piece, you are buying less. You can wear these both day and night.

– A good fit. Make sure you take the time to buy properly fitting clothes. I know it sounds completely obvious, but it’s worth finding those brands that suit your body type.
Lots of department stores nowadays provide brands that are suited to a varied range of body types. Debenhams and Lewis are both great choices!

I’ve compiled what I think are brilliant outfit choices for you older guys!  

Fashion, Men, Style Colin+Farrell+Outerwear+Vest+KCKPTjuFbMWl gandy izandrew_Nickelson_Nick_Wooster_Fashion_Director_Bergdorf_Goodman_Neiman_Marcus_adviser_Gilt_Man_fashion_icon_street_style_inspiration_tattoo_www_izandrew_blogs Nick Wooster 6 Nick-Wooster-01 nick-wooster-091310 t4pei-677


Agreed these outfit choices are more smart casual – but who says you can’t spruce up your look a little? 

If this still hasn’t given you any inspiration, ( I really hope it has) then a really good daily source of ‘man fashion’ is Fashion BeansAn array of advice, inspiration, creative ideas, latest trends for you at your fingertips.

If you are a middle aged guy – chances are you are pretty comfortable in your own style. (You may not even think you have. But even if you are a t-shirt and jeans guy, then yes, you do have a style). So why not, as you are approaching a new age bracket (35-40 / 40-50 / 55+) to try a new look?

I’m sure the wife would love to rediscover her man in a new suit. 

Keep calm, new job


So tomorrow will be the first day at my new job! I’m very excited because it’s my first job at a supervisor’s position. I was getting the feeling that I was never going to get any further than the usual ‘assistant’, ‘admin’ jobs.
The hard work is finally paying off!!

The position is in the retail sector, one which I’ve had a lot of experience in. I’m really looking forward to being given more responsibility and have bigger goals for a team of people.

I’m slightly nervous about having to manage people (granted it is not a big team-thank god!) but still, from past experiences I understand the value of having a good supervisor and how it generates harder working staff. I am hoping to try and embody all the things that I loved from my past supervisors.

That’s one thing I have really enjoyed about working in retail (I’m sure it applied to other industries as well), is that success comes from having a well balanced and motivated team.

Have you guys had to make this leap? How did you find the best ways of dealing with a position change?

Would really appreciate any tips!

Right ladies… how often are going out for a meal/coffee with friends/night out (most occasions really), and you haven’t got the foggiest what would be the most suitable outfit choice?

You don’t want to be over dressed, yet you still don’t want to rock up in a pair of Uggs and a hoodie when everyone else is in their Sunday best.

Well I think for this particular dilemma there is always one perfect solution, that will suitable for almost all instances. It’s the chameleon of outfits.

Blazer and Jeans.

It literally can be used for anything. Work wear (if smart casual is your office policy), nights out (with the right shoes and accessories), casual lunch with friends, a date.

I’ve collated a few images of outfits that I think will give you some inspiration for those days when you’re staring at your wardrobe utterly clueless of what to wear. (I always find my mind goes blank when I’m getting ready for work, mornings aren’t my best times!)

The hardest part about knowing what to wear is that there are just so many options – skirt, jeans, dress, jeans with t-shirt, jeans with blouse, skirt with t-shirt, skirt with jumper, dress with jacket… ahhh! I don’t have time for all these combinations when I’m already half hour late on a Monday morning.

So if you ever find yourself in one of these moments – easy, just blazer and jeans. From there, the options are minimal – less brain work.

Work wear
Blazer / jeans (preferably a darker pair) / black plain t-shirt or blouse / feminine accessories (thing gold chain, long pendant) / a pair of pointed court shoes (nude works nicely).
As it is work you could get away with not accessorising as much, and keep to simple.

Coffee / lunch out
Blazer / jeans (slouchy, boyfriend fit) / over sized t-shirt (any colours – white keeps it fresh) / shoulder bag / ballet pumps or biker boots.

A date 
Blazer (slim fitting) / jeans / strappy, cami top or patterned blouse (depending on the weather) / pointed court shoes or high sandals

Drinks with girlfriends / night out – 
Blazer / jeans / block coloured blouse or structured black top (Zara are very good for these) / over sized necklace (maybe something tribal or colourful)

Below are some outfits that are the perfect chameleon choices! 

blazer and jeans, outfits, fashion, advice, blazer and jeans, outfits, fashion, advice, blazer and jeans, outfits, fashion, advice, blazer and jeans, outfits, fashion, advice, blazer and jeans, outfits, fashion, advice, blazer and jeans, outfits, fashion, advice, blazer and jeans, outfits, fashion, advice, blazer and jeans, outfits, fashion, advice, blazer and jeans, outfits, fashion, advice,
blazer and jeans, outfits, fashion, advice,

If you have any other occasions where you want to know how blazer and jeans can work – let me know 🙂

We ventured into the depths of Wales, for a family wedding in Laugharne. (West Wales). This remote location is where the famous Welsh poet, Dylan Thomas lived with his family. The famous ‘Boat House’ that is romantically perched on the side of the estuary is where the poet wrote some of his many famous works including ‘Under Milk Wood’.

Wales, Laugharne, Wedding, Family Wales, Laugharne, Wedding, Family Wales, Laugharne, Wedding, Family Wales, Laugharne, Wedding, Family
I had never been to this part of Wales before and it was a beauty to discover. So quiet that it is almost deafening. The small town is host to a few hotels and cottages with small corner shops. I would have trouble living there as there isn’t much to do on a daily basis, and I guess the beautiful view would only surpass so many days of not doing anything. That said it was lovely to go somewhere and feel completely isolated from the rest of the world. (Phone signal was none existent).

Wales, Laugharne, Wedding, Family

I always love weddings as it is a chance for everyone to get dressed up, eat nice food and see family that you haven’t necessarily seen in a while. As it was a winter wedding in Wales, you can image we didn’t go without a bit of rain.

What made the wedding special were all the small details that had been thought about. The wedding had a red theme as it was on Valentines Day. This transcended from the bridesmaid dresses to the table settings.
The bride and groom got engaged in New York on Valentines Day hence the place cards were personalised wooden apples representing ‘The Big Apple’.
Welsh cakes on arrival was just perfect!

Wales, Laugharne, Wedding, Family

In terms of outfit choices for a winter wedding, I was quite unsure what would be most suitable. I chose to wear a long dress which turned out to be a wise decision! The weather wasn’t the nicest.
A lot of people at the wedding had opted for lace overlay. Which I found quite interesting as it’s been a while (few seasons) since lace was THE fashion trend.
That said – I was wearing a lace dress. It seemed very in keeping with the rest of the wedding. 

Wales, Laugharne, Wedding, Family Wales, Laugharne, Wedding, Family

Wales, Laugharne, Wedding, Family

I love going back home to Wales – it will always be a special place for me. 

The winter months, as festive as they can be with Christmas and the excitement of New Year. It can sometimes feel like we are hibernating underneath layers of dark jumpers and coats and scarves, leaving behind our inner fashionista and feminine wardrobes.

This is the part of winter that I’m not so fond of; along with the added frustration that summer (my favourite time of year) feels about a million miles away.

In answer to this mid season dilemma – I’ve found some outfits that are a perfect combination of style and practicality! So you are fully equipped for a feminine February…

Feminine February, Autumn Winter

– Blush tones and soft pastels
They are perfect for those cold wintery days, especially in knitwear items.

Feminine February, Autumn Winter

– Graphic tee with an oversize jacket/cardigan
I love this look. It can be adapted in many ways.
Dress it up – Wear a black pair of jeans and pointed high shoes with a statement ring or necklace
Dress it down – Wear a midi skirt and woolen tights, together with some biker boots.

Feminine February, Autumn Winter

– Accessories
When choosing your outwear items like -hats, scarves and gloves, make them your statement piece.

Feminine February, Autumn Winter

– Monochrome
Keeping to the grey palette creates a sophisticated look, which I do happen to love.

Feminine February, Autumn Winter

– Pattern
Don’t be afraid to combine mixed pattern pieces.

Hope this has given you some food for thought! Hold tight – summer isn’t too far! (I’m hoping)

So it seems we are in the heart of winter. Which means only one thing… knitwear!

I have a secret love affair with them. If I’m ever in doubt of an outfit choice for whatever day, I can safely say that it will be a knit day.

As we emerge into February it can sometimes be difficult to get our wardrobes equipped to adapt to this the changeable weather.

Below are some knitwear outfits and key pieces that I’ve found that I think are perfect for those days when you don’t want to think about what to wear… and rather just throw something on. Rocking the effortless look!

Things to remember:

– layering

– texture

– tones

– less is more when it comes to accessories

– embroidery

Winter knitwear Winter knitwear Winter knitwear Winter knitwear Winter knitwear Winter knitwear Winter knitwear Winter knitwear Winter knitwear Winter knitwear Winter knitwear

ASOS have some amazing pieces this season. Definitely worth a look if you don’t mind rinsing your bank account.