Keep calm, new job


So tomorrow will be the first day at my new job! I’m very excited because it’s my first job at a supervisor’s position. I was getting the feeling that I was never going to get any further than the usual ‘assistant’, ‘admin’ jobs.
The hard work is finally paying off!!

The position is in the retail sector, one which I’ve had a lot of experience in. I’m really looking forward to being given more responsibility and have bigger goals for a team of people.

I’m slightly nervous about having to manage people (granted it is not a big team-thank god!) but still, from past experiences I understand the value of having a good supervisor and how it generates harder working staff. I am hoping to try and embody all the things that I loved from my past supervisors.

That’s one thing I have really enjoyed about working in retail (I’m sure it applied to other industries as well), is that success comes from having a well balanced and motivated team.

Have you guys had to make this leap? How did you find the best ways of dealing with a position change?

Would really appreciate any tips!