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The winter months, as festive as they can be with Christmas and the excitement of New Year. It can sometimes feel like we are hibernating underneath layers of dark jumpers and coats and scarves, leaving behind our inner fashionista and feminine wardrobes.

This is the part of winter that I’m not so fond of; along with the added frustration that summer (my favourite time of year) feels about a million miles away.

In answer to this mid season dilemma – I’ve found some outfits that are a perfect combination of style and practicality! So you are fully equipped for a feminine February…

Feminine February, Autumn Winter

– Blush tones and soft pastels
They are perfect for those cold wintery days, especially in knitwear items.

Feminine February, Autumn Winter

– Graphic tee with an oversize jacket/cardigan
I love this look. It can be adapted in many ways.
Dress it up – Wear a black pair of jeans and pointed high shoes with a statement ring or necklace
Dress it down – Wear a midi skirt and woolen tights, together with some biker boots.

Feminine February, Autumn Winter

– Accessories
When choosing your outwear items like -hats, scarves and gloves, make them your statement piece.

Feminine February, Autumn Winter

– Monochrome
Keeping to the grey palette creates a sophisticated look, which I do happen to love.

Feminine February, Autumn Winter

– Pattern
Don’t be afraid to combine mixed pattern pieces.

Hope this has given you some food for thought! Hold tight – summer isn’t too far! (I’m hoping)


So it seems we are in the heart of winter. Which means only one thing… knitwear!

I have a secret love affair with them. If I’m ever in doubt of an outfit choice for whatever day, I can safely say that it will be a knit day.

As we emerge into February it can sometimes be difficult to get our wardrobes equipped to adapt to this the changeable weather.

Below are some knitwear outfits and key pieces that I’ve found that I think are perfect for those days when you don’t want to think about what to wear… and rather just throw something on. Rocking the effortless look!

Things to remember:

– layering

– texture

– tones

– less is more when it comes to accessories

– embroidery

Winter knitwear Winter knitwear Winter knitwear Winter knitwear Winter knitwear Winter knitwear Winter knitwear Winter knitwear Winter knitwear Winter knitwear Winter knitwear

ASOS have some amazing pieces this season. Definitely worth a look if you don’t mind rinsing your bank account.