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As summer begins to peek it’s head around the corner it leaves us all dreaming of life in the Hamptons; Pimm’s at the beach, lunches with house salads and endless evenings dinning with friends watching the sun set. Summer really does feel like the good half of the year.

With these event invitations it’s only fitting your wardrobe is ready, even you gentlemen. Summer is a chance for you to drop your shoulders, looking smart and relaxed in your fresh suits.

I’ve had a sneaky peek of the new Summer Collection 2014 by Paul Fredrick. It’s definitely the place to revitalise your summer wardrobe with timeless classic shapes teamed with soft colours and lightweight shirts. This summer’s collection brings you effortless style.

We know how you guys like to keep things nice and easy, so Paul Fredrick has made it very simple. Their classic shirts allow you to remain smart yet the refreshing washes of pastels tones combined with statement patterns create a stylish addition to your wardrobe.

Get a hint of Southern American style with this gorgeous grey and white striped suit. I really do love this look, keeping it young with the pink and white floral tie.

Paul Fredrick, Menswear, Summer Collection


This versatile collection blurs the lines between formal and casual: Sharpening you casual wear with statement patterns yet adding some fresh summer hues to your work wear.




The great thing about this collection is that it can be adapted to suit your style. For you fashionistadudes these pastel tones can be made edgy and roughened up. Take Nick Wooster – he has combined smart pastels yet developed the outfit with statement accessories and shoes to add his own unique twist.

Nick Wooster, Menswear, fashion

I feel Paul Fredrick has encapsulated this seasons trends whilst offering timeless pieces that can be suited to many styles.

For more pieces from the collection see the Paul Fredrick lookbook 


After receiving a request from a male reader, to write a post for the ‘older, more rounded’ customer I thought about how in today’s fashion media and communication there aren’t very many visual aids to help customers above a certain age and body type. 

All fashion looks and trends are very must suited to the younger customer, all of which have that perfect bikini ready body. So I thought it would be good to do a little guide – if you do happen to be one of these guys who find it difficult to know what to buy.

The older generation you need to be looking out for the following:

– Clean lines

– Tonal outfits (monochrome, blue/navy)

– Isolating patterns (if you do want to add your own twist)

TAILORING, literally can take years and pounds off you. I can’t stress enough the importance of tailoring. You can use it not just for smart wear.
For example: a grey casual jacket, with a plain blue t-shirt, maybe a darker blue cardigan underneath and smart trousers can be worn almost everywhere.
If you think about it, buying simple items (t-shirts/shirts) matched with a well tailored piece, you are buying less. You can wear these both day and night.

– A good fit. Make sure you take the time to buy properly fitting clothes. I know it sounds completely obvious, but it’s worth finding those brands that suit your body type.
Lots of department stores nowadays provide brands that are suited to a varied range of body types. Debenhams and Lewis are both great choices!

I’ve compiled what I think are brilliant outfit choices for you older guys!  

Fashion, Men, Style Colin+Farrell+Outerwear+Vest+KCKPTjuFbMWl gandy izandrew_Nickelson_Nick_Wooster_Fashion_Director_Bergdorf_Goodman_Neiman_Marcus_adviser_Gilt_Man_fashion_icon_street_style_inspiration_tattoo_www_izandrew_blogs Nick Wooster 6 Nick-Wooster-01 nick-wooster-091310 t4pei-677


Agreed these outfit choices are more smart casual – but who says you can’t spruce up your look a little? 

If this still hasn’t given you any inspiration, ( I really hope it has) then a really good daily source of ‘man fashion’ is Fashion BeansAn array of advice, inspiration, creative ideas, latest trends for you at your fingertips.

If you are a middle aged guy – chances are you are pretty comfortable in your own style. (You may not even think you have. But even if you are a t-shirt and jeans guy, then yes, you do have a style). So why not, as you are approaching a new age bracket (35-40 / 40-50 / 55+) to try a new look?

I’m sure the wife would love to rediscover her man in a new suit.