I have to admit I have been sufficiently bad at blogging over the past month! I really do admire people in the blogging world who are able to find those spare two minutes to sit and just bash out a post or two and integrate it into their daily routine.

I’ve been on a mission this month to try and get settled into a routine yet finding time to go and see friends, try new hobbies, get my Uni work done.
I went to a ballet lesson (something that I haven’t done in over ten years) I really did enjoy it, the only downside was that it wasn’t a busy class that I was hoping for. I am more keen to find an activity that I enjoy and use it as a social thing as well! As I’ve recently discovered – moving to a new place and working constantly,  doesn’t leave much time for meeting new people.
I have tried to make an effort get involved more – hense the ballet lesson. I will try and find another class, maybe something a little more contemporary.

On another note – I am going to the Isle of Wight this weekend to a small festival. Really excited to take a little trip with the other half, venture off the main land. I’ve only ever been to the Isle of Wight once and it was a brief visit. This time we’ll have a little exploration of what the Island has to offer including the night life!

Today I picked up my printed University work! Thank god that’s over. Only once more year left then it’s into the real world. I’ve enjoyed my year out doing a placement! I’m one of those people who would much rather get stuck in and learn as I go, rather than finishing my last year at Uni. I’d be quite happy to carry on in the working world – moving my way around different jobs / companies etc. However whilst I’m still at Uni I feel very much restricted. I can’t really commit to anything as I still have another year mapped out that I have to sit and ride it out.


girl in meadow

The only good thing about having this long wait – is that I’ll be living in the same place for more than a year – something that hasn’t happened for a few years. It will be nice to have a feeling of settling into a place, making my own connections and feeling as though I can belong somewhere.