Writing my own blog has been a very valuable experience especially within the community of WordPress. I’ve loved talking to like minded people and sharing similar interest. Whether that be: travel, fashion, positive thinking. It has been awesome! And I guess I’d like to say thank you.

However I wanted a change. I have proved that I can keep writing a part of my daily life (something you have to keep focused on), but I wanted to direct it more in line with future careers and passions.

I’m currently a fashion student. Yet I’m still looking for that spark inside that says ‘Yes, I want to be going this as a career’. I have yet to find something I love doing day to day. Something that I’m so passionate about that it makes me work day and night. I am a motivated person, always looking for challenges and wanting to better myself. However this is harder than it seems when you have no path to direct your career ambitions and aspirations.

Ever the optimist, I am constantly looking for things that interest me… have a go, see what it’s like. What do I have to loose? I still have a year left at University, so I’m not going far!

So tying this all together, I have started my own online magazine – Another Side Magazine

Currently it is just operating as a ‘Fashion magazine‘ providing different stories of fashion. Giving you trend updates, controversial issues, new designers and just your essential fashion fix!

However future ambitions of the website will be more of a ‘creative‘ magazine. Somewhere that people can go to find stories in creative industries including; music, interior design, photography, art etc.

I am very excited about this new project and I’m loving the new experience.

This post is not just to let you know that I’ve started a new adventure – but also to see if you’d like to join me?

I’m looking for any writers that are interested in writing about creative industries. Whether your passion is films to literature. There is an opportunity for you at Another Side Magazine.

I’d love for my magazine to be a community of creativity – so if you would like to join the Another Side Magazine team please e-mail me at anothersidemag@gmail.com

I’d love to get your feedback on the magazine as it stands?



Come and get involved!