I’ve been playing the piano for sixteen years, and along the way I’ve realised I love to sing. It has been a way for me to completely relax and let go. It’s my meditation if you will.
However I’ve always hated playing and singing in front of anyone! The thought of someone listening to me literally makes my stomach do somersaults. Writing this post even, send a rush of fear through me. It really baffles me how and why I get so nervous?

I’ve always liked being in my little bubble where no one can hear me and I can do what I like.

I guess it’s the worry of people judging something that you love to do.

I’ve always wanted to try and be comfortable with playing in front of people, because I love to play and it would be amazing to share my passion with people.  An experience is always better shared right?

I do not intend to say I’m very good, but if someone can get enjoyment out of it like I can then I would be happy.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts 🙂