Bucket list, Travel, Dreams,

Travel to Thailand
Attend Loy Krathong, the sky lantern festival in Thailand
Watch all of ‘The Lord of the Rings’
Ride an elephant
Speak another language
Sky dive
Live abroad for a year
Swim with sharks
Complete the colour run
Dive in The Great Barrier reef
Visit the great wall of China
Volunteer abroad
Complete the Mongol Rally
See the Northern lights
Sledging with husky dogs
Fly in a hot air balloon
Stand on the equator
Go skinny dipping on holiday
Visit Japan
See the Grand Canyon
Be an extra in a movie
Ride in a gondola in Venice
Go white water rafting
Travel to Australia
See a show in London
Go paintballing
Run a marathon
Visit Alcatraz
Road trip in America
Visit Milan
See the Taj Mahal
Fly in a helicopter
Ride a camel
Go whale watching
Go to the airport take next available flight
Start my own business
Become more patient
Attend a cooking class
Have flying lessons
Have kids
Throw dart at a map – go where it lands
Play ‘Moonlight Sonata’ by heart on the piano
Live/work with family in the out back in Australia
Do an African Safari
Stay in a beach shack
Donate blood
Buy a house

Have you done of the things on my bucket list? Let me know what it was like.  I’d love to hear your stories!