So as it appears, I’m sharing all the things that I love on my blog. Naturally the next post would be for me to express my love for dogs!

As kids, me and my sister would nag (actually nag isn’t the best word) rather harass my Dad into allowing us to have a dog. After many painstaking years of us winging, he gave in. Pretty standard I would say, of a Dad of two daughters, ‘Fine, fine, just as long as I don’t have to look after it’.

We ended up getting a Jack Russell. The day we got him felt like 10 Christmases rolled into one!

Love dogs, Jack Russell,

Before I had a dog I never really understood when people used to talk about their dogs as if they were people, with personalities. Well I can assure – I understand now!
Having my little Woody is like having a little brother.
These are a few things I’ve learnt, and been taught by my little pup.

1. If you leave me, prepare to do some major sucking up to me.

As I’m away from home a lot (at University) when I do come home, I am always, as you say ‘In the dog house’ with Woody. He gets a bit grumpy with me when I first come home. It’s his way of saying; you can’t just walk back in here and expect me to jump on you every time. I have to earn his trust again each time I go back home. (Again, something I wasn’t expecting to do before I had a dog)

The standard greeting happens every time…

I come home, and he is so pleased to see me! He jumps around and starts sniffing me like mad. After realising that it is in fact me, and I was the person who has left him for god knows how many months, not walking him, not feeding him. He resumes his usual hard to get attitude, something that seems to last around 2-3 days.

When I arrive home and we all sit down over a cup of tea and catch up with everyone, I can guarantee he will be sitting on my mum, with him paw on her leg, staring at me.
He doesn’t hide his emotions.

2. I dream, just like you.

One of my favourite things about Woody, is that when he sleeps (which is the majority of the time as he’s getting lazy now), and he is all cosy and snuggled lying on me, he starts dreaming.
Now, if you have never seen a dog dream to the point where their paws start twitching, and their nose is wiggling around and they start to make little yelp noises, I can promise you, you have never lived! I try to take a video every time, but I always manage to wake him up.

 3. Can you please be a little quiet in the morning
Now unlike most dogs I’ve met, Woody can be very sensitive in the morning! For example if we come downstairs and start making our breakfast in the kitchen (where his bed is). Obviously there will be noises, and lights being turned on. Apparently if this doesn’t suit his morning schedule, then he will tell us about it. He will sit up in his bed and just start growling. (Well it’s less growling, more grumping and winging to himself).

4. If it’s raining – I’m not going outside
I was under the impression that most dogs would do just about anything to go for a walk or to be let outside. Woody on the other hand, if it appears to be raining or wet outside – ‘Nope, I’m not going’. If we make him go (against his will), then he will mope and walk very slow and just be a pain, feeling sorry for himself.

5. I want to a bath too
So just when you think your all alone, away from everyone and relaxed in the bath. If you fail to lock the bathroom door, Woody will be sure to pop in and say hi. Even though when it comes to his own bath time, he doesn’t seem to be fond of being washed. If it’s my bath, which is warm and bubbly, he has no problem in trying to hop in.

As I’ve moved away from home, I rarely get to see my pup! (He isn’t a pup I might add – he’s almost 11 now) but he still feels like a little one to me.
Here are just some of the many pictures I have of Woody!

 – I’m so cute, please can I have that piece of chicken in your hand, the one I’ve been waiting for while I perform like a monkey for you!

Love dogs, Jack Russell,

– I’m sorry – how long did you say it was til food time!!? I didn’t agree to that!

Love dogs, Jack Russell,
– Hmm tickle my belly please.

Love dogs, Jack Russell,

– You lied… I didn’t realise it was my bath time. Remove the smile from your face please. I don’t appreciate being mocked.

love dogs, Jack Russell,

– Wait, did I just hear you say ‘walk’?!

Love dogs, Jack Russell,
– Please can I have some more!

Love dogs, Jack Russell,
– Please remove the camera from my face. You’ve already woken me up, and I’m tired.

Love dogs, Jack Russell,
– I love my life.

Love dogs, Jack Russell,
– Please can someone play with me.

Love dogs, Jack Russell,
– I’m getting tired of your shit now!

Love dogs, Jack Russell,

Well I hope any dog lovers / owners who are reading this, can relate in some way. Please share your dog’s little characters traits! I love reading about them.